Thursday, 19 August 2010

Diary of a glass-half-empty person 2

You may recall some time ago I had a strange dream about Sarah Palin. I was entertaining her to tea in the teepee, but it wasn’t Sarah Palin as we all know her, but a duppy version*. Serving Lapsang Suchong and chocolate Hob Nobs was (I recall) a wee bit of an adventure, as it required me to lean to the right or the left of my guest to place the cup or the plate in her hand. I wondered whether to put on my LP of Manhattan Transfer’s greatest hits and ask her to dance, but dancing with a duppy would have its own problems; if I were to take her in my arms in the conventional manner, I would be staring at the back of her head, but if I wanted to maintain eye-contact and enjoy some pleasant conversation whilst dancing, I would have to be careful where I put my hands (unless I wanted to see her eyebrows disappear into her up-do).

Well anyway, the dream has become recurring, and the problem of dancing with a duppy has remained in my mind. Let’s face it, there’s plenty of room in there.

Anyhow, this isn’t really what I wanted to say… I wanted to talk about a BBC Radio 4 programme** I heard a few weeks ago about Sarah’s recent public speeches in which she has been “redefining” feminism into a kind of homespun, reactionary template which would sound good with a steel guitar soundtrack. What was interesting about the programme was the opinion of one of her British admirers who talked enthusiastically about how Sarah had “done it all herself”, including “becoming a mother…”

When I heard that I immediately got up, pushed open the flap of my teepee, and searched the skies. The last time something like this happened a star appeared in the east.

* i.e. her head was on backwards.

** I have one of those clockwork radios in the teepee. One winds it up to make it function. Well, Consuela does, actually.


  1. Great post! I am a bit worried that you're dreaming of Palin in the first place, regardless of the 'head on backwards' thing, which is true by the way. ;)

    There are Brits who like her?

    I usually do my best to skip the headlines with her name or photo on it, but on HuffPost the other day there was a great article about how her polls are declining... a lot. Oh darn.

    Is your teepee painted?

  2. You should have heard some Tories before the last election talking about "big government" and using a whole lot of other phrases you would have recognised from the GOP!

    Is my teepee painted? I promise I shall reveal all, soon. :)